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Vodafone free Twitter texts: Tweet 'em while you got 'em

Vodafone has become the first network to bring back SMS notifications from Twitter. It's free for now, so tweet away

Vodafone is the first UK mobile phone network to bring back SMS notifications from Twitter. You can now be bombarded with the banal wherever you are, as well as texting your own tweets on the go. The first person to call them 'twexts' gets a direct message to the happy-sack.

Twitter previously provided free notifications directly, but packed it in last year when it realised what everybody in the UK already knows: if they could, mobile phone companies would charge you an arm and a leg to even be in a room with a phone in it.

Vodafone customers can send tweets to the short code 86444. For the next few weeks, texts both ways will be free. Vodafone won't give us a definite date yet, but when that day comes normal charges will apply. SMS tweets are included in your allowance if you get a number of free messages in your contract. Crucially, notifications from Twitter -- which have the potential to be far more numerous -- won't cost you anything.

Vodafone is making a big fuss about being the only network to offer SMS support for Twitter. While it's true that Voda is now the only network to receive incoming texts from the site, it has always been possible to tweet from your phone, regardless of your network. You simply register your handset in Twitter's Settings: click on Devices, fill in your phone number and then you can start merrily texting tweets to +447624801423 (normal SMS charges will apply, the value of your followers can go up as well as down, don't drink and tweet).

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