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Vodafone doubles down on data allowances

The telco will offer twice the regular data allowance on selected plans to new customers and existing users who upgrade.

Vodafone has announced it will be doubling the data allowance on a number of its plans for new customers and existing customers who upgrade.

(Credit: Vodafone)

The offer applies to all SIM-only month-to-month plans of AU$45 per month and more and all 12- or 24-month contract plans over AU$60 per month. Customers must take a new plan or upgrade an existing one between 7 November 2013 and 3 January 2014 to be eligible.

For month-to-month SIM-only customers, the increased data will be available for 24 months, while those on contract will have the additional allowance for the length of the contract.

The new data packages mean that those on the SIM-only AU$45 plan or the Red AU$65 plan will now get 3GB, while customers taking advantage of the Red AU$100 or the SIM-only Red AU$85 plans will now have 10GB per month.

The offer only applies to smartphone plans — neither mobile broadband nor iPad plans are included.