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Vodafone and EE iPhone 5C prices revealed

The iPhone 5C can be yours for free on Vodafone -- but only if you fork out a tonne of cash.

Thinking of buying the iPhone 5C on Vodafone or EE? Prepare your wallet for a savaging, as Apple's rainbow-coloured new mobile is looking pretty pricey.

iPhone 5C Vodafone prices

The cheapest way to get the 16GB iPhone 5C for free and up front on Vodafone is to pay £42 per month, for two years, which adds up to a whopping £1,008 over the period of the contract.

If you want to pay a slightly more reasonable £29 per month, expect to shell out £149 up front -- a total cost of £845 over the two years.

Those are just the prices for the 3G option. If you want speedier data, the cheapest monthly tariff is £42 per month -- a contract that also demands £19 up front. You can examine Vodafone's full range of iPhone 5C deals here.

iPhone 5C EE prices

To get the iPhone 5C on EE's 4G service, you'll be paying at least £10 up front, with the cheapest monthly payment coming in at £46. Ouch.

EE also encompasses T-Mobile and Orange, which are charging similarly high prices for 3G services. £89 up front with £31 per month is a typical rate on T-Mobile, while one option on Orange is £30 up front for the phone, and £37 per month.

O2 is doing a deal that gets you the iPhone 5C for £30 up front and £32 per month, for a total of £798 over the entire term of your contract. If you want to pre-order the iPhone 5C SIM-free from Apple, you'll be paying at least £469.

Is the iPhone 5C too expensive? Or are you tempted? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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