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VocalTec intros Mac Net phone

VocalTec has released a Macintosh version of its Internet Phone product. The software enables users to place voice conference calls over the Net.

SAN FRANCISCO?-At Macworld here today, VocalTec unveiled Internet Phone for Macintosh. Slated for delivery this quarter, the $99 Internet Phone enables users to place long-distance calls over the Net.

The Mac software is interoperable with the PC version of Internet Phone so that Macintosh users can call PC users and vice versa. Previously, callers had to make sure recipients had the same platform.

According to company officials, Internet Phone is aimed at users looking for a cheap way to communicate with others globally. For the price of an Internet connection, the VocalTec software lets users carry on unlimited long-distance or international calls, officials said.

Internet Phone for the Macintosh will be available for downloading from VocalTec's Web site this quarter.

To use the software, you'll need a Macintosh with a 680LC40 or faster processor, 8MB of RAM, System 7.5 or higher, a sound card or built-in audio, MacTCP 2.0.6 or Open Transport networking stacks, and a minimum 14.4K modem and a SLIP or PPP connection.