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VMware updates vSphere, debuts cloud suite

CTO Stephen Herrod says vSphere 5, a continuation of VMware's "IT transformation journey," is the "largest coordinated release of software we've ever done."

VMware has upgraded its vSphere platform and introduced a complex cloud infrastructure suite to its already burgeoning catalog of virtualization and cloud-computing solutions. Speaking at a media event in San Francisco on Tuesday morning, VMware CEO Paul Maritz spoke broadly about the evolution of virtualization, noting that his company is "taking the next step in the journey to this more ordinated world." However, to continue on this path, Maritz said cloud computing needs to "become easier to manage" and "less costly to operate."

Stephen Herrod, VMware's chief technology officer, added that this is VMware's "largest coordinated release of software we've ever done." Basically, vSphere 5 is a continuation of VMware's "IT transformation journey" and the successor to the vSphere 4 generation. Now that virtualization is becoming the norm, vSphere 5 steps in as the latest platform, with approximately 200 new and enhanced basic features for the purpose of delivering better performance from business-critical applications stored in the cloud.

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