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VMware seeks "a skilled Open Source/Linux expert"

VMware is getting serious about building out its open-source expertise.

VMware, perhaps recognizing its exposure from open-source virtualization solutions, is looking for an open-source expert to help with a range of things, including help to create "a test framework for a custom Linux distribution." VMware is seeking a "Senior Software Reliability Engineer," as noted on an open-source group on LinkedIn, but perhaps it should be looking for an open-source savvy IP attorney?

Why? Well, VMware is on the hot seat about a possible violation of the GPL related to its use of Linux, and given its public disclosures of the significant amount of open source it uses in its products.

Regardless, it seems fair to suggest that VMware has got the open-source bug now, and is starting to get smarter about how it works with open source. Maybe you can help? You can send a message to Ernie Salle to get started. His email is in the graphic below.

VMware via LinkedIn