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VMware: Manage your data center by phone

Virtualization specialist has a tool called VCenter Mobile Access that lets users access and control virtualized machines in a data center from a cell phone.

VMware has come up with a tool that lets users access the virtualized machines in their data center from a mobile phone.

According to VMware, the VCenter Mobile Access tool will also allow system managers to migrate virtual machines from one virtual host to another, using their phones.

The software was introduced on Friday on VMware's VMTN blog by Srinivas Krishnamurti, the director of product management for the company. In addition to its search-and-migration capabilities, VCMA could also be used to remotely execute recovery plans, access scheduled tasks, and respond to alarms and events, Krishnamurti said in the blog.

The VCenter software is an infrastructure management product that is intended to help with IT administration of tasks such as provisioning virtual machines, checking for the availability of the machines, and monitoring to ensure that systems stay within compliance rules.

VMware has expanded the range of software products VCenter can manage. In February, the company said VCenter can now work with Linux as well as Microsoft software.

To access VCMA, managers need to "deploy a virtual appliance and call it the VCMA server," Krishnamurti wrote in the blog. "The VCMA server must be connected to VMware VCenter or any of the ESX servers that you want to manage, (and) once the server component is set up, you can manage your data center from the convenience of your mobile phone."

According to Krishnamurti, VMware will be releasing VCMA as a "product preview," which means that it can be tried and tested prior to its full release, scheduled for April. The company has not yet released any details of VCMA's pricing.

Colin Barker of ZDNet UK reported from London.