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Move over Kanye, Drake and Rihanna stole the VMAs

Beyonce stunned with a 15-minute performance, and Kanye West Kanye Wested hard during a speech, but that's not what people were talking about after the MTV Music Awards.

Everyone loves to hear Kanye West say crazy things (admit it), and usually he reserves his craziest outbursts for the MTV Video Music Awards. He gave a six-minute speech at tonight's VMAs, but that's not what social media was buzzing about afterwards. Instead, the birds were tweeting about Drake and Rihanna.

Presenting the Video Vanguard award (MTV's lifetime achievement honour) to Rihanna, Drake declared that he's been "in love" with the singer since he was "22 years old."

The two then shared a hug -- some say it was sweet, others say it was awkward. You decide:

And while many tweeted about how the two would make a perfect couple, the funniest tweets were a touch more savage.

And then there's the issue of past flames...

Twitter was also sent into a frenzy earlier in the night by Beyonce. She performed a 16-minute medley from "Lemonade", her Tidal-exclusive album from earlier this year. She danced, she sang, she smashed a camera -- and people lost their minds.

Another surprise came from Michael Phelps, who introduced rapper Future to the stage. He told the world that Future's song "Stick Talk" was what got him in the zone to make #Phelpsface (and, you know, to swim in the Olympics and stuff).

And in case you want to see it (again, admit it, you do), here's Kanye West saying Kanye West things: