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VM 8.0 Fix from Bare Bones

VM 8.0 Fix from Bare Bones

Rich Siegel (of Bare Bones Software) writes: We have identified a Mac OS 8.0 compatibility issue, which arises when using Apple's virtual memory (VM) on 68040 Macintosh systems.

When using our products, the problem manifests itself as generalized instability when running BBEdit (any version) on a 68040 machine under Mac OS 8.0 with virtual memory turned on. BBEdit may sometimes crash when starting up, but if it doesn't, other misbehaviors will present themselves, such as errors or garbled text when copying, pasting, or scrolling text.

However, the effects of this compatibility issue are not specifically related to BBEdit, and may affect other applications as well.

This compatibility issue will likely be addressed in a future release of Mac OS. In the meantime, we have written a system extension which should correct the problem. Drag the "VM 8.0 Fix" file on to your active System folder, then restart your machine.

The VM 8.0 Fix extension does not patch any Mac OS routines, nor will it load on any version of the Mac OS other than 8.0.0.