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Vizio's App-tastic TV bests Web-enabled rivals

The Vizio 2XVT series offers the best Internet experience we've tested along with very good image quality, all for a price that makes other high-end HDTVs seem steep.

Internet apps on Vizio's VIA TVs are among the best we've tested. Sarah Tew/CNET

If you were one of the billions of people who watched the Super Bowl, you may have seen an ad for a certain TV company called Vizio promoting a TV that connects to the Internet to offer Facebook, Rhapsody, Netflix, and a host of other dot-com-style names. That TV is the 2XVT series, first announced more than a year ago, and to judge from our experience with those Internet services--conveniently called Apps--Vizio spent all that time getting the experience of getting the Web onto a TV right.

The Apps response times were quick, Vizio's App interface is well-designed and surprisingly easy to use, and its integration and content selection surpasses that of any other Internet-enabled TV, regardless of manufacturer. Vizio also includes the industry's only remote control with a slide-out keyboard and/or Bluetooth, as well as built-in Wi-Fi, which don't hurt. The 2XVT's picture quality somehow falls short of the company's best effort last year, but it's still among the better-performing LCD TVs available. Best of all, as usual for Vizio, is the prodigious bang for the buck.

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