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Vizio VBR100 gets you in the Blu for $200

Vizio is branching out into Blu-ray with the VBR100, which offers up 7.1 analog outputs for an appealing price.

Vizio is best known for its low prices on HDTVs, but the company is branching out into Blu-ray with the new VBR100 player. From the specs, the biggest selling point is the $200 price tag, and we were surprised to see 7.1 analog outputs available too. Here are the details.

Key features of the Vizio VBR100:

Most of the players we've seen here at CES have tried to differentiate themselves with additional content sources, like Netflix streaming or Viera Cast, but there's still a lot of demand for barebones Blu-ray playback.

The 7.1 analog outputs may also be a draw for budget buyers who are planning to keep using their older non-HDMI receivers. We could see these flying of the shelves at Costco if the price starts creeping toward $150.