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5 new Vizio sound bars include Dolby Atmos and Google Assistant support

Vizio is back with five more sound bars mere months after its last crop.


The Vizio SB36514 includes Atmos and Google Assistant support


Vizio only released its 2018 Atmos sound bars three months ago, but today the company announced a new and more compact 2019 crop at the CES trade show.  

The range includes five sound bars -- four 36-inch models and a 20-incher -- with the top two speakers including Dolby Atmos. These will supplement the existing Atmos models which are mostly 46-inch models. 

  • SB36514 -- 36-inch 5.1.4 Atmos sound bar
  • SB36312 -- 36-inch 3.1.2 Atmos sound bar (no surrounds)
  • SB3651n -- 36-inch 5.1-channel sound bar
  • SB3621n -- 36-inch 2.1-channel sound bar
  • SB2020n -- 20-inch 2.0-channel sound bar

The 36-inch 5.1.4 Atmos sound bar features rear surround sound and comes with a six-inch subwoofer, while the step-down model includes a slim subwoofer that can be slid underneath furniture. Both speakers feature up-firing drivers for overhead effects in Dolby Atmos-encoded content.

All of the speakers offer Bluetooth support while the SB36514 and SB36312 include "voice-control support for Google Assistant, allowing users to control their sound bars using only their voice" (though the release doesn't mention onboard microphones). In addition the models include Chromecast built-in for multi-room streaming support..

The 5.1-channel SB3651n and 2.1-channel SB3621n "pump out up to 100 dB" and also feature a slim subwoofer which can reach a claimed 50Hz. They feature integrated DTS Virtual:X for simulated surround effects for legacy content.

The 20-inch SB2020n is now the baby of Vizio's range. The company suggests using the subwooferless speaker in smaller living areas.

The speakers will all be available in Spring 2019 with pricing to be announced closer to launch.

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