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Vizio delays 55-inch LED-based LCD

The highly anticipated Vizio VF551XVT, which was announced at CES with a shipping date of June, has been pushed back until September.

The LED-backlit VF551XVT by Vizio is now delayed and more expensive than when first announced. Vizio

According to information from a lineup sheet first posted on engadgetHD, and confirmed by a Vizio spokesman, the company's highly anticipated VF551XVT, previously scheduled for release this month, will be delayed until September.

The 55-inch HDTV is also going to be $200 more expensive. That new price is likely to provide differentiation between the VF551XVT (now $2,199, up from $1,999) and the current VF550XVT (still $1,999), which we reviewed earlier this year and will remain in the company's lineup.

When it finally arrives, we expect the VF551XVT to handily outperform its less-expensive 55-inch brother. That's because it uses local-dimming LED backlight technology, which on other so-equipped LCDs delivers significantly improved black-level performance. The Vizio was one of three of our nominees for Best of CES in the TV category, thanks to its extremely low price, at least for an LED-backlit display.

The $200 price hike likely won't faze the anticipation LCD lovers awaiting the VF551XVT's release, but the delay could mean that impatient buyers shopping for models in that size range lose patience and pull the trigger on another set, like the 54-inch Panasonic TC-P54G10 plasma.

The company also announced other new models, including an Eco-friendly lineup and a couple of 240Hz replacements for the SV0XVT series. We'll have full details after Vizio's June 23 press event, but in the meantime engadgetHD covers the essentials.