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Vivo teases a 32MP pop-up selfie camera on upcoming V15 phone

Now you'll be able to crop out your ex with plenty of pixels to spare.


You may not have heard of Vivo, but like its Chinese phone-making rivals Xiaomi and Oppo, it's using flashy designs and features to compete in the increasingly crowded phone market ruled by Samsung's Galaxy phones and Apple's iPhones. Vivo has previously brought us a model with two displays and 10GB RAM and more recently a really cool 5G concept with no ports, seams or bezels.

The company initially launched a pop-up selfie cam on its Vivo Nex, but offers a clever take on the new 32-megapixel version it's using for its upcoming V15 and V15 Pro models, slated for announcement on Feb. 20, just ahead of Mobile World Congress.

We filled up the screen with more screen. And up top? A 32MP Elevating Front Camera. #VivoV15 #ComingUp

Posted by Vivo on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

In a marketing clip, we see the Vivo screen filling up with water, ostensibly causing the front camera to rise. It will likely operate in a more prosaic fashion on the real phone, but it's a nice effect.

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