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Vivo Nex all-screen, notch-free phone will sell outside of China

The Vivo Nex has a pop-up camera, no speaker grille and an underscreen fingerprint reader.

You can only get the groundbreaking Vivo Nex phone in China today, but it won't stay that way for long.

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Vivo announced on Monday that the all-screen, no-notch Nex will sell in Russia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan later in July. The Nex's standout feature is a 6.6-inch bezel-less screen with a 91.2 percent screen-to-body ratio. There's no speaker grille, on-screen buttons or front-facing camera lens to detract from the edge-to-edge design.

Instead, Vivo made the Nex's camera pop up mechanically to take your selfie (similar to the Oppo Find X), and converted the screen into a speaker. An in-screen fingerprint reader unlocks the device.

The Vivo Nex costs 3,898 Chinese yuan, which converts to about $580, £440 or AU$790.