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You might actually get to buy that crazy Vivo concept phone

Vivo's Apex phone surprised us at MWC, and it might just enter production in the middle of 2018.

At Mobile World Congress last month, Vivo introduced the Apex -- a concept phone packed with a bunch of unique features. At the time, it could not say whether or not the public would be able to get their hands on it. But according to a report from Chinese publication IT Home (via Android Authority), the phone will be released by late 2018 or the year after.

Executives from Vivo announced this news at a Chinese tech conference, according to IT Home. By entering production midway through 2018, that would make the phone ready by later this year at the earliest, or some time in 2019. The report considered this an official announcement from Vivo, but the company did not immediately respond when CNET asked for confirmation. We will update this piece when we hear back.

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If the Apex eventually does hit store shelves, it'd be one of the most compelling phones this season. Due to its minimalist all-screen look, the phone is equipped with a number of novel features to accommodate its thin bezels. Even if the phone itself turns out to be a little too niche, you may see other companies draw inspiration from its design in the near future.  

Its big 6-inch OLED screen stretches to all edges of the phone, pushing the bezel-less look to the extreme. Its front-facing camera is embedded inside the phone and pops out of the body from the top like a piece of toast from a toaster. In lieu of speakers, the phone's screen vibrates to create a richer and louder sound. Lastly, the phone scans your prints directly on the display, and it can scan two fingers at the same time for extra security.

There's no word yet on availability date or price. But knowing that this concept can soon turn into a reality is exciting to hear. Let us know in the comments bellow if you plan on checking out this phone or if its features are just too niche for you.  

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