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Vivienne Tam, geek designer

Vivienne Tam teams up with Monster to design headphones that will match her latest HP Netbook.

It's official: the tech world has its very own designer. Vivienne Tam, who has designed not one but two special edition designer Netbooks for HP, plus accessories, is now teaming up with Monster (yeah, the cables people) to make designer limited-edition headphones.

Vivienne Tam's "butterfly" Netbook.

Monster CEO Noel Lee announced the pairing at the company's CES press conference this week, and said the headphones would be unveiled at New York Fashion Week this year. The 'phones will sport Tam's "butterfly" design, which is part of her spring collection, and is featured on the forthcoming HP Netbook.

Previous fashion/tech collaborations include LG's Prada phone and the Motorola Razr Dolce and Gabbana. Can you think of others? (Vivienne Tam did not respond to requests for comment.)