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Vive la PowerBook!

Vive la PowerBook!

It's no secret: I don't like the name MacBook Pro. Actually, I am not even remotely alone in this sentiment, although I hope you'll all join me in calling it the McBook. (Seventeen-inch Mactel laptop? Super-sized McBook?) And I want to take this chance to clear up a popular little myth about the PowerBook name. It didn't "have to go" just because Apple's switching from PowerPC chips to Intel. The PowerBook wasn't named after the chip. In fact, the PowerBook 100 was totally tricked out with a Motorola 68HC000 running at 16MHz. That kind of power, obviously, warranted a cool-sounding name like PowerBook. So, you see? There's absolutely no reason Apple can't bring it back. You hear me, Steve? You hear me?