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This Vitamix blender is $200 off on Amazon right now

That's nearly half off, people.


It's quite possible your kitchen has become home to a decent blender -- but it's worth the financial jump to try one of the best: Vitamix. If you've long thought about leveling up to a Vitamix, now's the time. Amazon has slashed the price of the Vitamix Ascent Series Smart Blender from $550 to $341. That means you save more than $200. 

It should come as no surprise that the Vitamix is a trusted appliance by both chefs and home cooks alike. You've got plenty of room -- 64-ounces' worth! -- to blend, chop, grind, heat and emulsify, thanks to its sharp blades, strong motor and numerous speeds control. That means you've got the power to make everything from hot soups to frozen desserts and nut butters.  

Plus, the Vitamix is plenty smart. Pair a smartphone with the Vitamix app and you'll be rewarded with 17 programs and more than 500 recipes. It's rounded out by a built-in digital timer, guaranteeing you'll always know how long it's been running since you pressed the "on" button. 

Purchase it now before Amazon brings it back up to the original price. Keep in mind that the only color that's $341 is red -- the black and slate have been marked down as well ($360 and $381, respectively), while the white is only $100 off. Either way, you're going to want to grab this deal before it's too late.  


The Vitamix A2300 Ascent series smart blender has been slashed down from $550 to $341.