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VitalSigns tracks app performance

The start-up plans to announce a new suite of tools that includes an updated desktop agent intended for use in corporate environments.

VitalSigns Software may be best known for seeding the market with a free piece of software for browsers to track Web performance. Now the company has targeted corporate networks with a suite of tools to monitor business applications.

The company will announce a new suite of tools Monday that includes an updated desktop agent intended for use in corporate environments. The so-called VitalAgent is intended to grease the skids for sales of the company's VitalSuite, a set of server-side performance management tools.

Using the software, a company's information technology department can access performance information for applications offered by the likes of PeopleSoft, SAP, and Lotus Development, as well as email and the Web.

The release of the suite is the latest move by VitalSigns to raise its profile in the management software market. The start-up recently announced a partnership with Bay Networks that will result in the bundling of VitalSigns' technology with the networking company's Optivity management software, the latest in a series of deals for the nascent firm.

VitalSuite is comprised of VitalHelp and VitalAnalysis, two server-side applications that provide insight into how bits from these business applications flow from client to server and through the network. The software offers a combination that covers help desk and administrative needs.

The Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0-based client agent and NT 4.0-based server-side software tools are shipping now.