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Visual voice mail comes to the Voyager

The LG Voyager ups the ante by offering visual voice mail. We can only hope other LG phones will get this capability soon, too.

LG Voyager gets Visual Voice Mail
The LG Voyager gets visual voice mail. Verizon Wireless

The Apple iPhone was the first to get it, then the Samsung Instinct, and now it's the LG Voyager's turn to get visual voice mail. Yes, as of Friday, all LG Voyager customers can get a free download to their phone that will add visual voice mail capability.

As with the other visual voice mail systems, the Voyager's version will allow customers to listen to voice mail messages in any order; plus you'll have the ability to erase and archive messages directly from the Voyager's touch-screen interface. You will also be able to access the voice mail with a single button, and get instant playback.

Verizon customers can send each other voice mail messages
Verizon customers can send each other voice mail messages. Verizon Wireless

Each voice mail will have details, like the number or name of the caller, the day, date, and time of the message, the message length, and when the message will expire. You can then also choose to call back or text the contact. You can even choose to send a voice mail back to the person, as long as he or she is a Verizon Wireless customer.

If you want this new visual voice mail feature, you'll have to go to Messaging on your handset, select the Visual Voice Mail link, launch it, enter your voice mail password, and then follow the prompts to subscribe to visual voice mail (it's a free subscription). Existing Voyager customers can bring their device to a local Verizon store to get the upgrade, or you can download it directly by visiting this page. Here's hoping that Verizon adds this visual voice mail feature to other phones in its lineup.

Update: Apparently Verizon took down the download page, and as of 4:27 pm PDT Friday, we're not able to find the application by searching through the directory. However, I did find this cached page, which might work. We'll check back to see if the download page emerges again.