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Vista heralded in NYC with spandex and bungee cords

Aerial dance troupe performance.

Caroline McCarthy/CNET
Caroline McCarthy/CNET

This morning, despite subzero temperatures and a wicked wind chill, a crowd of press, special guests, and Windows Vista beta testers from around the world showed up in Manhattan's post-industrial West Chelsea neighborhood to watch a rather unusual spectacle: a troupe of aerial dancers on the side of the Terminal Building, clad in spandex bodysuits, bouncing around on bungee cords, and forming the Vista and Office 2007 logos. It's all part of the massive Vista launch festivities that are going on all day in NYC leading up to the operating system's consumer debut tomorrow.

Not exactly what you'd expect from Gates, Ballmer, and company. But Microsoft is determined to promote Vista as truly different and innovative, and if the aerial performance by NYC's Grounded troupe is any indicator, it certainly will be.