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Visiting Indian delegation gets earful

Visiting Indian delegation gets earful from U.S. workers dislocated by outsourcing.

India News: Indian workers discuss outsourcing with Americans

A visiting delegation of Indian labor leaders invited to make a 15-day tour of nine cities in the United States received first-hand feedback about how offshore outsourcing is affecting rank-and-file Americans.

"We got a much better idea of how outsourcing is dislocating families and employees here," said Ashim Roy, president of several unions representing General Electric workers in Gujarat, India.

This is all very nice and I'm sure the out of towners are sincere. But let's face up to the indelible fact that none of this is going to make a bean's difference. I just got through reading a new Gartner report and it declares in black and white that employment-hungry 3rd World nations will continue to view outsourcing as "an increasingly important means of bringing jobs through 2008."