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Virtual umbilical cord to your laptop

The "Bodyguard" alerts you when your device strays or is stolen

In case you haven't noticed, one of Crave's more distinguishing features is paranoia over a vast number of issues. But one of them we've yet to explore in depth is our fear of having a laptop stolen at a Wi-Fi coffee shop while we are, er, preoccupied.

That's why we like the idea of the "Bodyguard," a tracking system that triggers an alarm whenever your designated possessions are separated from you by a predetermined distance. It's similar in concept to other wireless transmitters, but at $40 the Bodyguard is a lot cheaper than most others. The "miniature monitor" is a lot easier to carry as well, fitting in a shirt pocket.

On the other hand, we hope it's not so small that it would be easily lost, as we suspect many other gadgets are. Some people (us) are just never satisfied.