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Virtual Rio-lity: BBC shows Olympics live in 360-degree VR

The opening and closing ceremonies -- and beach volleyball -- will be among the highlights of the 2016 Olympics shown in 360-degree VR.

This is what it'll look like to be ringside in Rio, only more 3D obviously.


The BBC is putting the Rio in virtual reality with BBC Sport 360. When the 2016 Olympics kick off this Saturday, you'll be able to choose your view of the worldbeating athletes with live 360-degree video of sports from boxing to beach volleyball.

You'll be able to get an all-round view of the opening and closing ceremonies, plus sports including fencing, basketball and gymnastics. The UK's national broadcaster also promises a "a closer-than-ringside" view of the boxing.

Unfortunately for sports fans around the world, the apps and videos will be geolocked to the UK.

BBC Sport 360 starts this Friday, 5 August. You can watch online without a VR headset on the Beeb's experimental site BBC Taster, using your mouse to scroll and look around.

Or you can watch on a VR headset so that you turn your head to look around. There's an app for the Samsung Gear VR headset, or you can drop your Android or Apple iOS device into a Google Cardboard or similar VR headset.

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