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Tech Industry

Virtual golf takes over cubicle life

We're used to deskbound people dissolving a little tension with an online game or two. But golf? Really?

In the offices, people have been completely hooked on Guitar Hero. Really, we haven't heard The Scorpions this much since the late '80s. We hear that in some other businesses they play a game called "golf." There's even a rumor that careers are made and broken, and millions of dollars change hands, all based on relationships forged on the "golf course."

It sounds funny to us--a grassy hillside, some sticks, a teeny ball, and plaid trousers. Well, the plaid trousers did cross over to Guitar Hero. But I digress.

Apparently, unable to access this outdoor activity during work hours (another benefit of video games, natch), golf lovers are turning to online golf at their desks. Players can stream World Golf Tour easily, without downloading system irritants and meet up with their buddies on the fairway in Kiawah over their lunch break.

We don't get it. Who doesn't want to work when their eyeballs are glued to a computer screen 10 hours a day?

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