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Virtual Exams Are the Future of Eye Care

Heru aims to transform eye exams with AR glasses and VR headsets. CNET's Stephen Beacham got his eyes examined in VR. Check out the results and get a glimpse of the future.

Getting an eye exam can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. The doctor shines bright lights right into your corneas and puffs air into your eyes. You move from machine to machine putting your chin in a strap where hundreds of chins have been before. And getting your eyes dilated is never pleasant. 

Heru is trying to change all of that. 

This new software company offering virtual reality and augmented reality eye exams using a Magic Leap headset. The eye exams were developed at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami by eye doctors, including the founder and CEO of Heru, Dr. Mohamed Abou Shousha.

Heru's vice president of innovation, Keith Brock, visited the CNET offices to give us a demonstration of the Heru platform. CNET senior producer Stephen Beacham tried out the eye exams and was screened for glaucoma, color blindness and other eye conditions. 

Watch the video on YouTube and subscribe to CNET's YouTube channel. 

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