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Virtual exercise for equestrian society

Horse simulator goes from trot to full gallop to on-screen courses.

Racewood Simulators

Virtual fitness games may be fine for the masses, but what about the landed classes of society's upper eschelons? Surely they can't be expected to partake in such commoner activities as stock car racing, skateboarding, or--gasp--bowling.

Take heart, subscribers of the Robb Report, there's now a fitness machine worthy of your station: an equine simulator. The "Ridemaster Pro" from Racewood Simulators provides "all the thrills that a real horse can but minus the spills and nasty bruises," according to BornRich, while giving "a nice workout courtesy of its real horse-like movements."

Indeed, one can go from a leisurely trot to full gallop while negotiating a range of courses chosen to appear in the screen before the robo-horse--which, by the way, can even nod its head and move its legs for added realism. As for the rest of us, we're just happy that it stops short of simulating behavior that requires stable cleaning.