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Virtual Boy games as they should have been, thanks to Google Cardboard

Nintendo's poor old Nintendo Virtual Boy was rightfully excoriated, but a Google Play emulator could give its games a new lease on life.

VB Mario Land converted to grayscale and emulated.


Nintendo has always been a bit more of an experimenter than the other console developers out there, but the 1995 3D virtual reality console called the Virtual Boy was probably a bit ahead of its time -- and a bit ahead of the technology. It was widely panned as a terrible experience causing headaches and motion sickness.

Technology has caught up a little now, so a Redditor by the name of The-King-of-Spain decided to create a Virtual Boy emulator for Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. And it actually rendered the games playable.

"After about 30 minutes of play time, I'm not experiencing any of the Virtual Boy's trademark motion sickness. There's also something to be said for playing the games in grayscale instead of the headache-inducing red," he wrote. "It's pretty cool to see Virtual Boy games in their full stereoscopic glory, but the added depth doesn't seem to add much value gameplay-wise."

If you want to try it out for yourself, he's provided detailed instructions in his Reddit post.

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