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Virtual ant farm will preserve your karma

They're fake, so you won't have PETA picketing your house.

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Finally, an ant farm that even PETA wouldn't protest.

No ants were harmed in the making of the "Ants Life Studio" from Japan's Bandai for a good reason: They're not real. Instead it's a colony of virtual ants that presumably do all of the same slave labor and other functions of their living counterparts, allowing you to satisfy your entomological curiosities without risking any arthropodic karma in the afterlife.

The viewing takes place through an LCD that includes backlighting so it can be used as a night light too. As OhGizmo notes, it seems to be the latest expansion of Bandai's Tamagotchi concept, this time requiring the care and feeding of fake insects that even face such perils as virtual predators. If you get one of these, we hope that the ants' longevity stays true to reality so you won't have to deal with their adolescence.