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Virgin's Branson does battle with carbon

The fight against rising levels of CO2 demands a "carbon war room," Branson tells an SAP Sapphire audience. It also demands action by the carbon-spewing IT sector.


Virgin chief Richard Branson has seen the enemy and it is carbon.

Branson is touting the Carbon War Room, a group of entrepreneurs, public sector officials, and industry leaders as a way to "remove gigatons of carbon out of industry." Branson, speaking at the SAP Sapphire conference, a coordinated Orlando-Frankfurt powwow with customers, Branson said:

Basically the enemy is carbon. There was no war room to coordinate to fight carbon.

When asked where information technology fits into this war on carbon, Branson noted that the industry plays a big role. Information technology companies and industry leaders need to tackle sustainability--especially since data centers will increasingly use more resources and emit more carbon. Branson noted that IT is creating more carbon output than the shipping and airline industries.

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