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Virginia is for lovers, and Cuba is for open-source communists

Cuba is keen to evade open-source power by going to open source. Please join me in wishing Cuba a fond farewell. :-)

Cuba wants out of the noose of Yankee imperialism. It's liberating savior? Open-source software. Fidel Castro has apparently been urging from his sickbed: "Open source! That's our ticket to freedom from Commadant Bush." I guess I can't wave the flag of open source as a capitalist phenomenon anymore. Them communist pinkos are back in charge! ;-)

And so Cuba is moving to open source, as this article suggests. It's not really about cost in Cuba, though that argument has some sway, but rather about avoiding the J. Edgar Hoover-like eyes of America:

Cuban officials, ever focused on U.S. threats, also see it as a matter of national security.

Communications Minister Ramiro Valdes, an old comrade-in-arms of President Fidel Castro, raised suspicions about Microsoft's cooperation with U.S. military and intelligence agencies as he opened a technology conference this week.

Actually, given the US' bungled attempts to assassinate Castro over the last few decades (638 times!), small wonder that Cuba worries. I mean, if we've tried exploding cigars, why not exploding Windows? :-)