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Virgin, Optus confirm Galaxy S5 availability

Quickly capitalising on the early morning launch, the two telcos are the first cabs off the rank to confirm they'll have Samsung's new flagship phone.

When we're talking about a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S5, there was never going to be much doubt that the major telcos would be getting on board.

All the colours of S5 rainbow. (Credit: Andrew Hoyle/CNET)

Still, you have to admire Virgin and Optus for making sure that people know they'll definitely be stocking the most anticipated phone this side of the iPhone 6.

Virgin confirmed the news to CNET Australia in a phone call, while Optus sent out a suitably brief press announcement including a link for interested customers to register for email updates.

Obviously no pricing or plan information was forthcoming. It's expected that Telstra and Vodafone to follow suit in the near future, also without any pricing or plan details.

Given the presumed launch date of 11 April for the S5, it's likely to be a few weeks before we can actually provide any real information on what an S5 will cost you and how much data you'll get.