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Virgin Mobile's 'blinkwashing' asks your eyelids to skip ads

The feature is part of a viral marketing campaign that allows users to blink their eyes in order to skip ads on YouTube.

Virgin Mobile is relying on your eyelids to aid its new viral marketing campaign.

The company recently posted a video, called "blinkwashing," to YouTube that uses the computer's Webcam to help viewers skip ads. The video is outfitted with a host of quick Virgin Mobile ads. Whenever viewers want to skip an ad, they need only blink and they're brought to the next video.

In order to get the feature up and running, the video attempts to access the viewer's Webcam. After doing so, it asks that the viewer blink a couple of times to ensure it can capture the movement. Once that's done, users will start watching the video and, upon blinking, skip the ads.

It's not clear what Virgin Mobile has planned for blinkwashing, but it's at least worth checking out for those who love skip ads.