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Virgin Mobile offers new plan to help ease your wallet

Virgin Mobile has come up with several new unlimited plans plus a "Pink Slip Protection" plan that will help those who are newly unemployed.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile announced a new $49.99 unlimited prepaid calling plan today, along with a special program to help customers who become unemployed. The program, called the "Pink Slip Protection plan," will waive up to three months of monthly charges if a customer becomes unemployed.

The Pink Slip Protection plan will only go into effect at least two months into a monthly plan, and once he or she becomes eligible for state unemployment benefits. There's currently an open enrollment period through June 30. You can enroll via Virgin Mobile's Web site starting April 15.

If you'd rather not go for the $49.99 unlimited route, Virgin Mobile also offers monthly prepaid plans with unlimited 7 p.m. nights and weekend minutes for $39.99, and all of them can be bundled with messaging or mobile Web for $5 each. You can add unlimited messaging for $10 a month. For those who prefer to text over making calls, Virgin Mobile also offers a "Texting Delight" plan, which offers 1,000 messages for $14.99 or unlimited text for $19.99. That way, frequent texters can choose to keep only a few minutes for occasional use.

The Pink Slip Protection plan applies to all of the monthly prepaid plans, including the Texter's Delight. Virgin Mobile is still keeping its pay-as-you-go plans for those who prefer not to go the monthly plan route.