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Virgin Mobile debuts $25 unlimited talk and text plan

Available for a limited time, the plan relies on Wi-Fi connections for data consumption.

Virgin's Mobile's latest promo puts data burden on Wi-Fi connecitons. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile USA on Tuesday announced a new, limited-time promotion for customers who aren't concerned with data consumption. Available immediately, the no-contract carrier's Unlimited Talk and Text plan offers exactly that: unlimited nationwide calling and texting.

While users won't have access to Virgin Mobile's 3G or 4G network they can still connect to Wi-Fi or mobile hotspots for data needs. The plan isn't for everybody, but it could be a great way to wean Mom off of that feature phone she refuses to give up.

The promotional plan can be paired with a number of Virgin Mobile's devices, including the recently introduced Kyocera Hydro Vibe. The deal expires on September 2; however, the carrier will grandfather customers into the plan. For more details and additional clarification, be sure to check out the promo's dedicated landing page.

Virgin Mobile last week also rolled out a $5 Daily Mobile Hotspot that provides up to 250MB of data to Wi-Fi enabled devices. As is to be expected, there are no long-term commitments; the feature can be added to any Beyond Talk monthly plan.