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Virgin Media TV Guide app for Android lets you remote record TiVo

A new Android app for Virgin Media's TiVo-powered service lets you set programmes to record remotely. TiVo records TV shows based on what it thinks you'd like.

Virgin Media has built an Android app that will let users of its TiVo service remotely record TV shows. The app is called Virgin Media TV Guide and, as well as letting you record your evening's telly from the bus, it delivers seven days of schedule information and lets you create lists of favourite channels.

We've downloaded the app and having given it a preliminary fiddle, it seems to work reasonably well. We tested the app on a Google Nexus S, and scrolling through listings didn't feel especially slick, but it gets the job done.

A worry, however, is that because of its lengthy title, we reckon TiVo users will struggle to find the app in the Android Market, which is tricky to navigate at the best of times.

We've been enjoying TiVo's triumphant return to British shores since it joined forces with Virgin Media at the end of last year, but since then we've been waiting for a remote recording app to ice that televisual cake.

This new app brings the service more in line with Sky, which made its slick available some time ago. A TiVo iPhone app is in the pipeline, but isn't out yet -- it's possible that it's waiting on Apple's official stamp of approval.

TiVo itself is fairly clever TV tech. It's absolutely massive in America, and records shows it thinks you'll like based on your viewing preferences. Next stop, Skynet!

Are you using TiVo? How are you finding it? Let us know your thoughts on the service in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.