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Virgin Media offers £50 refund on 1TB TiVo box

Virgin Media has cut the cost of its 1TB TiVo box and decided to give those who've already bought one a £50 refund. Time for a spending spree, we reckon.

If you recently bought a 1TB TiVo box and found you missed those spent notes that used to make your wallet fat, then here's some good news -- Virgin Media has decided to give you £50 back. And you didn't even have to ask for it. Great stuff.

Virgin Media has cut the price of its 1TB TiVo box from £149.95 to £99.95, apparently to celebrate its new TiVo ad campaign. We're not sure why an ad campaign warrants a reduction in price, but we're certainly not complaining.

If you've already bought one of the boxes for its original price, then you can expect to receive a £50 refund -- just give Virgin Media a call and ask: "Where's my monies at?"

It's entirely up to you what you do with your new-found wealth. As it's summer, why not try and do something outdoors -- spend the whole lot on ice-cream cones, for example. Or convert it all to 2p pieces and make 2,500 wishes in a wishing well. Maybe you could wish for a Samsung Galaxy S 2, or an iPhone 5 when it's eventually released.

Alternatively, come up with your own creative way to spend the money and share the experience on our official Facebook page.