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Virgin Media down in Portsmouth after cables cut

Virgin Media is down in Portsmouth after a cable was cut by roadworks, leaving customers potentially cut off until Thursday.

Virgin Media is down in Portsmouth after a cable was cut by roadworks. Virgin is working on the problem, but customers could be cut off from the Internet until later in the week.

Virgin is working on repairing the problem, and reckons it'll be fixed by lunchtime on Thursday. Update: Happily, customers won't have to wait that long after all: Virgin has told me that the connections have now been repaired, and normal service should resume by midnight tonight.

The problem was caused by careless navvies severing a cable while working on the Northern Road bridge in Cosham. Customers have been affected in Havant, Cowplain, Gosport, and Fareham.

The network is keeping irate customers updated on Twitter at and on Facebook at

"The internet was built to withstand nuclear attack with it's built in redundancy, but Virgin Media manage to build a system that you can wipe out with one pneumatic drill!" says John Dowdeswell. "I do hope all Portsmouth residents will be getting compensation due to NO telly INTERNET ETC... customer services with Virgin Media is a joke to try and get through at the best of times," laments Claire J Stewart.

You can check the status of your Virgin broadband by entering your phone number, postcode or account details at at

Virgin customers aren't the only ones struggling to get online today. Three also suffered a nationwide outage of its 3G network this morning, stopping customers from connecting to the Internet from their phones.

Have you been affected by the Virgin Media problems? How happy are you with your broadband service? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page, or if you've had your Internet cut off write us a letter or something.