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Virgin bumps up bonus data offering on selected mobile plans

The mobile carrier has increased the bonus data allowances on some of its top tier plans, with as much as an additional 7GB per month on offer -- but only until the end of June.

The trend for larger and larger mobile data inclusions continues, with Virgin Mobile offering significant increases to its bonus data offers on top tier pre-paid and SIM-only plans.

The extra data follows in the wake of Virgin's innovative data rollover offering, which allows users to transfer any unused data allowance to the following month.

The new bonus data offers will see the AU$80 pre-paid plan increase from 4GB to 8GB if you sign on in a retail store and 9GB if you order online. The AU$100 plans moves from 6GB to 12GB for in-store and 13GB for online. Both of these offers are only for 24-month contracts and have a minimum cost of AU$1,920 and AU$2,400 respectively.

The bonus data is also included with two of Virgin's SIM only non-contracts plans. On AU$60 a month you'll go from 5GB to 9GB (for both in-store and online) and the AU$80 increases from 7GB to 13GB.

The new offering is only available for customers who get "a new number, upgrade or switch networks" and only before June 30, 2015.

At the time of writing, the plan information on the Virgin Mobile website did not reflect the new data amounts. A Virgin spokesperson confirmed that the plans were in effect as of today and described the lack of information as a "website glitch" that would be corrected "in a few hours."