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Virex beta uninstall problems

Virex beta uninstall problems

Reader Dwight Thornton has been experiencing problems with the 7.5b1 beta version of Virex, and has been unable to revert to version 7.2:

"I have severe problems with the virex 7.5b1 beta. Since installing, I have been unable to run a Safari or Mail. Both apps hang after a few minutes and bring about the spinning beach ball. Checking the force quit panel, shows the app as 'Not Responding." This only happens [in the user account] that the beta was installed on. I have tried removing the beta and reinstalling the original v7.2 as other posts have recommended, but have not had success. I can occasionally get my [user account] to work by logging in as a different user and then switching over to the original.

"I have found and removed every file that was associated with Virex but I am obviously missing something. Contacting the folks at McAfee via the beta feedback link was a waste of time. The only response I have received to numerous emails was an invitation to take the survey. It would be nice if they would provide some sort of support for this major foul up."

We've covered a number of other issues with the 7.5b1 beta of Virex. However, none of the MacFixIt staff has installed it; if readers have had success in completely uninstalling it, please drop us a note at

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