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Virex 7.5b1 conflicts: Adobe CS products; MYOB AccountEdge; Final Cut Pro; more

Virex 7.5b1 conflicts: Adobe CS products; MYOB AccountEdge; Final Cut Pro; more

The number and variety of problems with Virex 7.5b1 are inordinately substantial, even for a beta release. In virtually all cases, removing all traces of the application and reverting to version 7.2 resolves the problems.

Adobe CS products There seems to be a conflict between Virex 7.5b1 and Adobe CS applications, including Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS. The presence of the Virex beta will, in many cases, prevent printing to PostScript printers.

Removing Virex 7.5b1, logging out then back in as the current user, and restarting the Adobe CS apps seems to correct the issue.

MYOB Account Edge Marc Friedland writes "Another found issue with the beta version is that it disables files on MYOB Account Edge 2004. With the Beta installed, I was not able to launch the data file for my accounting program. After deleting the beta, all worked fine."

Final Cut Pro Markus Bischoff reports that he was no longer able to use "Log and Capture" in Final Cut Pro 4.x after installing Virex 7.5b1. He writes "After removing Virex everything is fine."

QuickMail MacFixIt reader Bill Raab writes "There is a problem with Outspring's QuickMail program.The problem exhibits itself in the Quickmail program taking an extraordinarily long amount of time to open to the mail viewer window. The user would tend to believe the program has crashed. Adjusting any and all of Virex's preferences made no difference. The only real solution seemed to be complete removal of Virex."

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