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Viral vids mock Obama, Romney, Zuckerberg on online privacy

A series of videos pitching an online privacy app take a cast of celebrity characters to task.

The results of the first presidential debate are in, and despite a lackluster performance from the incumbent moderator -- the NewsHour's Jim Lehrer -- PBS was clearly the winner.

Now, the makers of an online privacy app are looking to further capitalize on the increasing interest in the political campaigns with a pair of viral videos mocking everyone from Obama and Romney to Mark Zuckerberg, all in the name of taking personal responsibility for safeguarding individual privacy on social networks.

PrivateAccess, which makes the SetMyPrivacy app to streamline the adjustment of privacy settings on Facebook and other sites, produced both a Democrat- and Republican-friendly version of the cartoon-y viral video.

The company suggests Libertarians and Independents might also enjoy some of the outtakes featuring other celebrities like Judge Judy and Joan Rivers. I'd say tech fans are most likely to appreciate this outtake on the vice president's struggles operating his iPhone:

Watch for the great one-liner from Bill Clinton in the Democratic version (which honestly seems like it might be more appropriate for the GOP video) below and scroll down further for the conservative-friendly vid:

The GOP version includes cameos from Sarah Palin and Bill Gates: