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Violinist interrupted by Nokia ringtone, plays the ringtone

A Slovakian violinist playing solo finds his concert interrupted by a Nokia ringtone. Instead of merely getting angry, he begins to play the ringtone.

When the ignorant annoy you, sometimes it's better to laugh.

This is something politicians have rarely learned. It is something that Slovakian violinist Lukas Kmit took to heart through his art.

According to Daily Picks and Flicks, Kmit was giving his viola full rein at a Jewish Orthodox Synagogue in Presov when a Nokia ringtone interrupted his flow.

Instead of rending his garments and screaming to the heavens, he improvised. He played the ringtone, expressing cool beyond reason.

This doesn't seem to have been a set-up and happened a few months ago. But the video took on a viral flavor after the terrible incident just a few days ago of an iPhone marimba bringing the New York Philharmonic to a halt.

In the case of the Philharmonic, the marimba was so loud that the conductor, Alan Gilbert, simply downed baton.

However, perhaps even Mahler might have been amused had his orchestra managed to improvise the marimba and seamlessly slipped it into Mahler's 9th. Symphony. Surely the concept of the impromptu mashup might offer a new future for classical music.