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Vinyl records cool again in Aussie first

Records are cool again, and Aussie public radio station is celebrating Vinyl Record Day by playing over eight hours of vinyl-only music.

Records. Remember them? The ones that you threw at your sister because she broke your favourite cup, and then recently tried to resurrect/glue together when vinyl became "cool" again"?

Sydney's 2SER is doing its bit to bring back vinyl. (Technics 1210 image by Ben Hodgson, royalty free)

Well, Sydney radio station is paying tribute to the lost art of vinyl by playing over eight hours of music today on vinyl only. It claims this is an Australian first, but we're not so sure — there was a time before CDs and MP3s, you know.

Today, 12 August, marks the anniversary of the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison in 1877, and since 2002 has been recognised as Vinyl Record Day. The broadcast began at midday and will continue until at least 8pm. So listen in now to the 2SER webstream, and hear the clicks and pops in pristine digital quality. Or tune into 107.3FM if you're in Sydney.

As we go to "print", Broken Social Scene is doing its best to "break" Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division.