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The $100,000 Pokemon trading card you can buy on eBay

Die-hard Pokemon fans can collect this 'vintage' Pikachu trading card from 1998 for a cool six figures.

Got Pokefever? Who could blame you. The two-week old game, which launched July 6, has inspired love, exercise, external battery packs and, unfortunately, has led to real-world harm. Now it looks like it's inspiring the revival of physical Pokemon trading cards.

Die-hards can kick it old school with the ultimate bragging right, a 1998 mint-condition Pikachu trading card from Nintendo's original Pokemon video game that sells on eBay for a cool $100,000.

Its seller, smpratte, declares it "the most valuable card in the hobby!" Daily eBay sales of Pokemon trading cards have nearly doubled according to Heritage Auctions, an auction house website tracking the trend.

The ludicrously popular Pokemon Go game taking over city streets and smartphones was downloaded more in its first week than any other iPhone app ever.

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