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Make a quiet call in this phone-shaped chair

The First Call chair conjures up images of phone history while giving modern cell phone users a place to sit, dial, and chat.

First Call chair
Go ahead, have a seat, and make a call. Ruud van de Wier

The world is buzzing all around you. People are talking, shuffling, and making noise. You just want to turn down the ambient volume a little so you can make a quick phone call in peace. This is when the First Call chair comes to the rescue, offering a place to park your butt and use your phone while blocking out a bit of the outside world.

Besides looking like an old phone handset, the design creates a sort of hood around your head, muffling outside noises. It's like a cone of silence you can sit in. It's the creation of Dutch designer Ruud van de Wier.

Quite a bit of thought went into the design. You might look at it and think it doesn't look super-comfortable for lounging in. You would be right. It's built to encourage short conversations, not for chilling out for extended periods of time. The designer sees it working for open-floor-plan offices, waiting rooms, shops, and airports. Pretty much anyplace a person could use a few minutes of relative quiet to make a quick call.

Gabbing in classic-phone style is going to cost you. The chair is priced around $5,000 from Easy Noise Control, a company that provides noise-damping solutions. It's available in a rainbow of different color combinations and can be paired with matching wall panels to further reduce ambient noise around the furniture.

The old-school looks of the chair should also make for a good conversation starter for kids who have never seen a phone with a handset like that. Older adults may have to take some time to explain how we once all had tethered phones you couldn't fit in your pocket.

(Via Luxury Launches)