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Vintage Apple sales video surfaces, stars Jobs as FDR

A young Steve Jobs and other early Apple executives appear in a previously unreleased internal sales video for the Macintosh, circa 1984.

Steve Jobs dressed up as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a 1984 internal sales video.
Steve Jobs dressed up as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a 1984 internal sales video. Networkworld/Screenshot by CNET

A rare, internal video that Apple originally aired during its 1984 international sales conference has been put online.

Networkworld today posted a full version of the 9-minute film, which shows an exuberant -- and costumed -- Steve Jobs and other early Apple execs staging a World War II-style assault on tech rival IBM, just ahead of launching the first Macintosh.

In it, Apple stages a multi-front attack against IBM, saving office zombies from the mundane with Macs that can talk. Jobs also dons full suit, bow-tie, cigarette, and gray hair coloring to look like Franklin Delano Roosevelt No really. There's even a cameo appearance of the hammer-throwing athlete from Apple's famous 1984 Superbowl ad.

The film was provided by former Apple employee Craig Elliott, who is currently the chief executive at Apple's neighbor, Pertino Networks. As Networkworld's Paul McNamara points out, a section of the video appeared in a video tribute made for Jobs on his 30th birthday, which was posted online following Jobs' death last year before being taken down over a copyright notice.

You'll have to head to Networkworld to see the video, as it's not available for sharing elsewhere.