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'VinoVault': A different kind of wine in a box

It refrigerates and preserves open bottles at the same time.

Pek Preservation Systems

Thanks to certain other Cravers who fancy themselves oenophiles, we've managed to keep up on all manner of wine refrigerators and preservers. But surprisingly enough in this world where everything is converging, we haven't seen an appliance that could provide both functions until now.

The "Pek VinoVault" claims to be the first wine refrigerator of its kind, using argon technology to preserve open bottles while keeping them chilled. Luxist says it holds 14 bottles, which may not seem like much until you think about it. (Why would you have that many unfinished bottles in the first place?)

The compact box also displays the bottle of your choosing in an oblong window bathed in blue LEDs. Classy.