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VineRoulette weaves Vine videos into desktop visualization

Whether you're in the mood for mutts or smut, this desktop app serves up an endless loop of chance 6-second clips.

Less than a week old, Vine, Twitter's 6-second looping video mishmash tool, has inspired third-party application makers to remix public content in their own unique ways. Take VineRoulette, a full-screen, desktop visualization that continuously loads Vines published around the world.

VineRoulette, built by TweetBeam creator Yousef El-Dardiry over the weekend, provides people with a window to Vines of all kinds. Sit back and watch a panoply of unfiltered Vines as they trickle in or search for something specific like dogs to check out cute puppy vides one after the other.

Don't worry, VineRoulette, as the name would suggest, is nothing like ChatRoulette, where private parts were a standard part of the random video chat equation -- well, at least, intentionally. Vine has its seedy content. A simple "#porn" search inside the Twitter-made mobile app will certainly make even the least modest of viewers blush. So should you tailor your VineRoulette searches to the scandalous stuff, you'll definitely come across some 6-second smut.

As entertaining as it can be, VineRoulette has its unfortunate quirks. The application requires Silverlight, is frequently buggy, and can be temperamental when returning query results.

VineRoulette follows in the footsteps of Vinepeek and Just Vined, which both offer outsiders ways to glimpse inside the loopy new world birthed by Twitter's strange and fascinating video application.